Summer is here! For me, when I feel good about the clothes I’m wearing, whatever I’m doing that day ,even if it’s a walk to the park, I have a better day because I feel good about myself. Actually putting on clothes (non-workout clothes) makes a huge difference!

So I have my favorite summer outfit to share with you. Hopefully this will make finding the perfect summer outfit just a little easier, and you’ll love and feel good about what you’re wearing.

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Trousers: H&M



When searching for your perfect floral print dress look for a piece that fits perfectly, compliments your skin tone, and you’ll still wear for many years to come. Also, look for a dress that is versatile.

Versatility in a dress is important because you want to be able to dress it up and down. Wear the dress to brunch with the family or wear it for a day of relaxation.

The gorgeous floral print dress I’m wearing in this post looks stylish with a nice beige bag and white sneakers ,but it would look just at beautiful paired with a cropped jeans jacket and sandals.