The denim skirt has gone through many updates, and there's no doubt it will continue to transition with the trends. But right now, we're abandoning our button-front styles for a distressed '90s flavor. Some of these fresh options come personalized, whether with graffiti, patchwork pockets, or a superdistressed, asymmetrical hem. Fashion trends change every now and then and certain clothing items lose their popularity only to be replaced by new ones. There are, however, a few representatives of women’s fashion that never seem to be missing in current collections. Today, I talk about one of those evergreens in women’s clothing – the denim skirt. As the title suggests, it is a 100 % must have item in any wardrobe. This might seem a bit odd, as generally speaking this type of skirt does not possess any extravagance or ultra modern expression. So, what is it that turns denim skirts into everyone’s favorites? The answer is functionality. They just seem to match any dressing style and look well on all types of body figures.
Take for example the women with splendid legs. A short denim skirt just matches them perfectly and underlines their sex-appeal. On the other hand if you combine such a skirt, though of a different length, with a shirt you can have an absolutely stylish look. 

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