I was so excited when I first heard about Sweet because I'm a lifelong Lolita Lempicka fan :)

Lolita Sweet was created by Anne Flipo. With Sweet, Flipo plays with mouthwatering, gourmand notes and comes up with a fragrance for a pinup. It has a sense of humor.

Despite the name, the sweetness isn’t overwhelming. Likewise, the “outrageously musky” part is mostly marketing copy puffery. Sweet is a gourmand, but instead of loading up on cotton candy and caramel, it gets its sugary notes from dark fruit and flowers–raspberry, violet, rose, and cherry. When the cotton candy and vanilla appear later, they’re kept in line by woody musk. This is not a subtle perfume by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s well balanced.

At first, Sweet smells like violet bonbons and rose makeup, and it even manages to evoke a sticky sensation of lip gloss. I can’t understand why I find this combination so compelling, but I do. On a grey, overcast day, it’s the equivalent of starting my morning with a piece of cake.

Sweet comes after a long line of edible and delectable fantasises, developed in the fairy tale world of Lolita Lempicka, and it is by far their most extreme and potentially-calorific treat to date.



TOP: Cherry Cocoa Lip Gloss Accord


BASE: Musk and Cashmere Woods