The Alien perfume is the kind you either love or hate. It's definitely designed for people who want to be noticed. My first reaction to its scent was "wow, this is just what I'm looking for".

Alien is really one of my favourite scents. A warm, mysterious, delicous jasmine scent in which the amber and the wood are also clearly present. Because of the amber and the wood, it also reminds me of Classique, by Jean Paul Gaultier, another one of my favourites. Alien is a heavy scent and I love that.I can use less of it than of my other fragances, so the bottle lasts longer and the durability is really great. I dislike jasmine and avoid fragrances that have prominent jasmine notes, but the way Mugler does jasmine - it has this beautiful fizzy almost menthol/minty quality to it and I love it! I think the amber compliments the jasmine in this perfectly and balances out the floral to sweetness ratio with a nice woody base. I think I am going to really enjoy wearing it and it’s a musthave for autumn and cold days.

Top Notes Sambac Jasmine Heart Notes Cashmere Wood Base notes White Amber

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