This is a fresh sweet spring floral fragrance. It is a beautiful bouquet of roses violets and jasmine and it's fruity with pear grapefruit and raspberry as well as plum. It's very much a floral fruity scent and it does feel good and smell good. I love the look of the bottle. Popular and beloved like the first Daisy. I wear this on days like today when I'm reminded of how much I love flowers. It's not too flowery like oh let's say Paris Yves Saint Laurent or Poeme by Lancôme but it is a floral and I can really detect the rose and violet which always remind me of spring.

It's fresh, light, airy and super feminine. In my opinion, this perfume is sort of a "warm" scent, not cool. The sweetness is a warm, cozy type of sweet, not a cool breezy type of sweet. The lasting power in this is great! I remember spraying my jacket with it and forgetting about it, then wondering who was wearing Daisy Eau So Fresh and smelling so good about two days later while wearing the jacket, only realizing later it was me! :)

 It is my signature scent now. Must have.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas and features notes of ruby red grapefruit, raspberry, green leaves, pear, violet, wild rose, apple blossom, lychee, jasmine, musk, plum and virginia cedar.