One of the most spectacular and feminine styles that exist as trends in the world of fashion is the boho or bohemian one, which forms an important part of the fashion lines of many brands. Boho is not just for Summer season, it’s a seasonless trend that works for warm and cold weather months.

When talking about the boho-chic style, we can’t but also note the similarities that exist between it and the hippie style, as well as that of vintage looks. Still, the main trend of boho looks may be divided into three main groups.

For the classy boho style, details like mohair, velvet, and knitwear, often complemented with jacquard design prints are typical.

For some more romantic looks, the application of soft and weightless fabrics like chiffon and lace is descriptive. Floral decorations, ribbons, and bows are also a good way of creating the romantic and dreamy images. The inclination towards vintage looks is noticeable in this respect.

The following option is the boho hippie style encompassing the characteristic details of the hippie style and merging them with the boho ideology. The outcome of this is the usage of lavish and bright colors, matched with the girly and romantic vibes.

However, apart from these three basic directions, we can also speak about the style interferences like folk, military, and even gipsy style garments. 


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