Stripes-they never really go out of style!

This spring, stripes are everywhere. This print is angling for serious space in your closet. And why not? It’s one of the most wearabletrends this season and a cinch when it comes to styling. For a timeless sea-worthy look, stick to stripes in go-to primary colours like red and blue or pink. 

The first time the modern striped shirt appeared as a fashion trend was in 1917, when Coco Chanel debuted them in Paris as a response to fashion's heavily-corseted approach after a trip to France's Southern coast. Her shirts were inspired by the Parisian fisherman she saw working the docks, and she admired how utilitarian and hardy they looked. It was one of the first times women's fashion took elements from men's clothing, and we've always considered them to be a feminist statement. They've also been the uniform of generations of counter-culturalists and rebels, from Pablo Picasso and Ralph "Sonny" Barger, the founder of the Hell's Angels, to the Beat Generation and Warhol's Factory guests. A nearly 100-year history as varied as that can only mean one thing: horizontal stripes make you look cool, so who cares if they makes you look "wider."

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