A Blogger’s Homeoffice

I don't know about you, but I think it's fun to see where people work! Maybe I'm overly curious or interested, but especially with creatives, I love to see their workspace where all the magic happens! I have my workspace here in my apartment, although I also work part-time from an office in Basel.

So, what does make a space inspiring, relaxing and organised? People do actually learn and think better in a physical environment that suits their personal preference and getting this environment right can actually stimulate creativity. Think about how to moderate your space and what environment works best for you – light, music, design, temperature, views? I like to surround myself with the things I love and collect and things that I find inspiring. 

All the furniture in my office is from Ikea because I believe IKEA is a place where you can find cool designer pieces for your home at affordable prices. You have to check out the new Stockholm collection because  you will be amazed. Big puffy pillows were definitely my choice and the small multi-use vase. P.S. Details make the space! 

The new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection is a carefully curated collection, designed to mix and blend in with what you already have at home – made from natural and tactile materials such as rattan, hand-blown glass and ash. Scandinavian modernity of the highest quality in form, function and materials. Made to use and enjoy, every day.

IKEA also presented ART EVENT 2017 a limited edition collection featuring 12 diverse posters from internationally known artists that all express themselves through drawing. With ART EVENT 2017 Ikea continue a mission to make great art accessible for everyone.

We have a very strong and simple vision about art at IKEA, and it’s that art should be affordable — it should be accessible for the many people and also that art belongs in the home, not just in galleries or museums,” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader for ART EVENT 2017.  

Room details: 

TABLE : Shop here

CHAIR: Shop here

IMAGE and FRAME: Here and Here

LAMP: Shop here 

BLUE VASE: Shop here  

PILLOWS: Shop here