Today’s review is based on Declaré skincare products.

So if you haven’t heard about Declaré they are a company in Switzerland and their products are aimed at sensitive skin. Declaré stock a comprehensive range of skincare products that you are bound to find the ideal product for your skin.

My skin is a little on the sensitive side in the sense that it can be irritated very easily. What I loved about Declaré products is that I knew they were designed with sensitive skin in mind, and my skin has been amazing after using these products on a daily basis. 

I am loving the brand and the products. I think my favourite item I received was the Cleansing Soft Peeling, it just leaves my face feeling so soft and really cared for after use. 

The nutrivital face cream is also incredibly gentle on your skin - it's really refreshing and it has a lovely soft scent. As it's designed for sensitive skin, it's definitely not overpowering or overly perfumed, but it's a really pleasant fragrance. It deep nourishes your skin, without leaving it feeling stripped of essential oils, or really tight and dry.

The Declaré Tonifying Lotion - This gentle lotion is the last step of the cleansing product, it takes of cleansing residues and prepares the skin for the care product. It additionally moisturizes, tones and soothes the skin.

The Age Essential Mask s a light mask enriched with linden extracts that leaves the skin soft and healthy without disturbing the natural skin balance.