Whether you refer to it as the newsboy, baker boy, cabbie, or page boy—there's no denying this topper is taking over. It girls and supermodels alike have adopted this staple of the early 20th century 'working class' and news boys, and turned it into the ultimate cool-girl must have on or off the red carpet.

Baker boy hats (also known as newsboy, poor boy, or fisherman hats) rose to popularity around the turn of the century, but they're having a moment yet again among the best dressed set.

Baker Boy Caps Are Back And Better Than Ever!

The history of the baker boy hat. The baker boy hat is not too far removed from the cap! It is characterised by its puffed-out top and short visor. Aside from being more flexible than a cap, it is also more stylish and feminine. This ultra-Parisian head accessory owes its French name (Gavroche) to one of the characters from Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Misérables” and first appeared in the 19th century.

How to wear the baker boy hat? The baker boy hat can be worn on short, mid-length or long hair. It sits on top of the head without casting a shadow over your pretty face. Fashionistas wear it tipped slightly to the side or even backwards.